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Vol. I. RICHMOND, SATURDAY, MAY 23, 1S63. No. 37. 

Oon. Roberlson wn. born at tbo " Oak.," in Amelia eounty, V», is a son of Dr. W. II. Robertson of 
that county, and i> now in bis lnirtj..!xtb year. Ho entered Won Point in IS!-., and »as brovoted 

At ll,« commencement of Ibo »nr, Qcn. Robert™, for a number of monlh., no. .Intionod 
,M.,r the dn.lL of the gallant Tumor Asbby, Oon. Robortion i.e. appointed n, hi. successor, union 

. young girl who had formed t 

II i Sumliiy m.rnini 

No. 2.— Sunday is Richmond. 

tli. Oi.Tr.taJ 

There is a Sabbath ] 




zsfiszx* ": :,:\,:::,r::Jr:z 

chronicle the Lives of tbi- N'met.-eolh Center - 

Richmond. Saturday. May 16, 1863. 

tory by no moans consist. i n ,„,. poll, , btainad-it lie. in the tcrri- 

in the eyes of tbe world. Nor were the result, of bis astonishing 

'he Termor",," r '"vet when" "'."bo.' In 'ctTel-."."''''' 1 ''''' " 

Torn. --•.,■■:• • ?■"! r.n >■:,.., .,,,: h..(n 

•1 position, cnr.-lut; . , ...11. ,-..,. „„„.„,d..r. .,.11. .nified by 

»; , wV;;''V.;.^'*'-^!''-'.™' r, '^'"'V"»'iV*/L-.n.v ! !r,,»i!' 1 '° Kro '' ip '''' " 

It may sound incredible, Lot tho sober irolh i... (hot the thraebingcf 

eider hew be went on from victory to . lolory, despite every ,!r.w. 

Tho "Illustrated Bern" b pablbtMd ovary Saturday afternoon, 

Iwi." »'..';':'! ?,&'t™"".*'.,z',' *?, . r ,"»'J.'i .' ;.• ..',.'. i "t!," 

... number -I Southerners. When the imperii,.! historian .ball re- 

posed him with hi, irresistible arm. making the little body of troops 

Hotico to Postmasters and Agents. — Any per,..n bonding op n 


deem a, a .titer of fohle,. It was eiactly what Uen. Leo lerined 

ordinate position, in ehi.l. Lis plans were liable at any moment to 

HSS^^z^r:^ trr: %z 

be overruled, and that bo never, indeed, had the tb.alre and 


«rn,,7ir'tLe''Li°'f\tot^h C eo h o,mTv'«,dk-i of T.Yonto'mpor.! 

W. Oii.worb Siuus, ■ Hmnv Tiunon, 



Hev .1 6. Mi Csea, D. D., . 6urah AnruBR Tallbt, 

"'lb,! i. UneZ ZVZ .^'.""'rabihbh hi. hireling .„. 

..IVbo'Xipb or"bb eV.uuof "ll" « ug.ised". ' "» to'ngnUuV 

Jonti E.t«» CuOKB, 1 Mt,. Manr A. UcCaniwol.. 

trnlbbad euinch eak, ■! at, J Hi, re «a. danger el it. goi.g 

world had aoi he.r.l of .la, «,„e. 1:„m.'. p ',',„.' ,l u i,.d,'e!,'l' war the 

'.'h.'.rf'tba'l'Vl '■ ':',' i, ,-i . ■ ,',l r.'.'.'.l M, ' ,!'! . !la,!„"lj'L„| ' ".',''. 


b°'ooi,;Zndof"n';,g h ;!d l ::ibo , ;;;i.«^ 

In the next Number of the "News" we will com- 

mence the publication of a highly interesting 

off his cumiunuioaliuo. with Riehtnond , that Dufurd's eovalry hod 
penetrated lo tho Virginia and r.llrucd sod destroyed it, 

f.T b no , w'i,igLri,ow''rio'a,'. Z'J' ellZ!''\^'. V'^ ■'' 

Novellkttk by the author of the •' STIil'-Sls- 

aad that the Yankee commander on the Peninsula, taking advan- 

the langu.g, wbieb Cb.en.l.'n en,, :,.;,,„ ': „„.',.i',!, t ",b!' "j.'Jth 1," 

TEH," entitled 


The same paper will /tho rontain th<- conclusion of 
the Story of " Taddv McGakm," by II'. Oil- 

ten. Ohi... .,! the Hon. C. I..>. lie teas .nested ,it dead 

».* ft rV.d.r. l d Vi°rg?nfa r °n rU b'«'"u , c>. ' ," ' „'.,",'',! '!', led t'Z'lT 

more Simms, Esq. 


!Mh?i!.L'eLn?,..? , 'V^ 

» h .\i,.r.'^ 

We begin tbo recurd or the evonu of llie pml. week with a moil 

petuated in Ibo loft,, ibat ,n...e l.,-f. ,, ,,,..„ , ,,e,„„dago 

Stu!'™"'"! 1 ,!" J ,'", f r' !"' """ ""' ""•""" * ffi870r 

bis mind wbs wandering, wore Bddre.sed lo hi, Commissary in bo- 

Parle, no'u. de loi'r"" '""' 


Cljc I-IltiBtrious Drati. 

death 'o, ITl'Sl .'"itu'J.f'miM'' ,'','''! u'^l'"" i "°"' ""' 

;::„° , G'i:7"H!H\t l :tttr^,,^"', 

b.XXbrble.ter,..°u'r'd Til. "f^ enactor' '.".. hi, 


■ '■'.,■ VL. ,,,!., '!lt!'^Jri'!E,b! \, J,. ,."","' 

•■"■■' ■ ■'- ,■' ■■' ■-. '■■> " .. -'.'., ' -.'n".'. '..','!.'.''„'',r.!'.i',. , 'i'n. 



::SS':lr £rr £:SH :: £3 

.b A .,,„ru"rhi.Ti.l!,l 8 gTt\Th J .17r 

His remains were WongM to lUcbmorid, nnd placed firet in ibe 

Gutiorcmt-rii,! M»>n : ufUTwurd-, ihcy were trnnsfcrred to the 

■ee the gba.tly plumes nodding above the hiert aod when wo en- 

deovor to diro.t oor tl ghl. to .ul.jeel. .eel, «, ordinarily engage 

After tho mortal part of the mighty hero m deposited in tho 

upon his placid and noble feature.., which death had touched but 

lightly. Tfao following day his budy was sent to Lcsington, Vn., 

and ins statue, in em nf">i!l'r»iiif, >v,|| W |, laced in an appropriate 


a small band, indeed, these Makers of Destiny aad Masters of War. 

God eeeept him, Christ receive Lim. 

dander, Hannibal, Cesar, tr.-derick. X..|...!e.".n-nnd olhcrs'of l.s, 


Confederacy. This liken,- » liu "Wb.'d. and placed , is the 

shiniog note, whoso path of oonqucst we traeo arross Hie Buepho- 

Th. pri.o of .„a.,„« dollar. olTered by .ho proprietor, of tho 




..iir fik-i w:i4_ :l i „ii -""'I yard* ..ff -und iht< mei 

in^ iifTiirni m:ikin^ ii tremendous n<ii*o. Ther- *n* n>> re 
ply : Iliopilence remained entirely unbroken, rtnd 1 was sat 

B,nud a quantity, 
be field before tli 
vn nN off-mid on 

effirtor difficulty. 

mr first officer?" 

'yes, at Upton's Hill, just by Up 

The r.iptiun -mild and vjiwriMl. 

,,.„ |,ri>*ry mivk tlmt I had fVt«ry:liinK '" '«y ""'" 
W- kn.n-ki'il nt the d»ur, and a sleepy voice --aid 

had th.i- £->i p..-e-si..n ..f the bill; nnd the nest 

»....!.! i:,v lii.-r.'. ci.-'min- the enemy if they tried tn 
lire it. The men Mnn,] ,.R. I.,,'. 1 .-, their w'.iy in the 

■ ■_•— nnd -nlv one arrived ut l=»-f ; the ■ titer went nw:iy 
t..e wit. ile line "t the enemy, but pi: kick *;i -ly next 

ai a videtto at the bou-e, while I rennueo with the 

» t* N ■ ;ir lay. :tnd I h-,;.ui to be very nnsious 

: -id iiC-erwdril.-. promptly ordeied .-ut the detail I asked 

:'or; but they did not arrive in time. 

istol, I thundered out, as though addressing a com- 
•ady. men: steady there, I tell you I Ilold your 

me man— the Servant— .Inn.] behind them. 

co-nd, and be e nitnu.d a* follow*. 

ade by a man. lone; befoi 

e neigh borlioud. Gen. Lnngstrcet, 
1 posted all the pickets at the right 

Resicnatiok.— A I 

pn-.r.illy i ti tl m.- u uf.i by 1 


, is a very disagree 
18, is a celebrated 1 

I the barrels of my revolver, killiDg a Serge; 

' Juat in front of the hou 

,you moy have (our Ih.iJ*. 



Fit for tho rugged cells o 

Hi- IVvcht- 
Aud a, rare s 


parents' death, had be-on the home »t Reginald and I. I 
win young in years, uml untun-red in the ways of tlie world, 
when I became a governess. 

I entered upon my new duties nt the grand mansion of 
my hirer with trepidation ; but the sweet laces nod gentle 
manners of my two pupils reassured me. 

Sophie, the elder, whs a pretty girl— :i plump, dark-haii-ed, 

ever creeping ah.-ut 

ul.y lips iLlnI dancing eyes. 

Lydia. my younger pupil was neither p retry ,,r engaping. 

homely face, half shaded by drooping curls of dark brown ; 
her only elaim to beauty. 

Sophie was as the -un-hine of die house, and Lydia was 

advanced in yean- ; hi- hair wa- tlnekly sprinkled with th' 

" a 11 " 8 ! hi a n iS]rU W °b.1ohfn m S ' C I^hank^' 111 ' 1 ^ 

*• I ant sure that they will love you, (hey could not do other 

1 now look back with a melancholy pleasure, with n smil 

l.ylia K-.i.'-n-: tn.-j -1,-arly I 
being tlie ease, how could ll 

'"he end of m first u.rter 

ell perfectly sati-fo.'d with t 

Mr. Roberts announced 

nely in his new home, and hoped' that I was hu 
,r,..l. His brotherly, loving letter was the only rhi: 

ir.g home. His history was related to me 

matchmaker— stout, "fair, I'm and l-rty." Loon Roberta had 

the world, but rieh in nature'- wealth, beauty —against the 
expressed wish id' his proud mother. His. baby wife was a 
delicate being, and died -li-rrlv alter she became a wife.— 
Since that time, three year-, before, Leon K iberts hail been 
absent from the home of his boyhood, holding little iuter- 

Tbe son was coming home. I eat alone in my room, hav 
ing dismissed my pupil-. " lie may conic to-day, he may 

tion of one who had been very dear to him— dearer thau 
any of the home ciivle , and he will think of the time, the 
many time*, beneath the soft beam- of i he young moon he 
had held her hand within hi- own, and listened to her loving 
tones. But reality will '.ring him haek from the past to the 
sober present, and tell him that the llame of life in the 
breaflt of her he loved, had been I. rig estinguithed by tlie 

. Roberts." My heart t 

tho face, when his 

strangers. At the 
and I was afraid t 

1 occupied my thought! 
arlor just as dinner ws 
sr iotroduccd me, bo g; 

ie. Mi, 

myself, replied, and enh-red into c 
tlemnn. lie was of a slight, but e 


v:v rr-|. X 
I bio-bed. 
I., thee,,- 

after returning from an afternoon 
generally remained in tho parlor 
dano or harp, as Mrs. Hubert-, dc-i 

t be sure and go in the parlor after tea as u 
r is passionately fond of music." 

or to play, for I saw that Mr. Leon and his If 

ly engaged in conversation peaking of a . 

g, rich draught — of 1 
unaware of tho fact, 

1'eilwer's !:i-t 

thing lively," and 
instrument;) why n 
a- Ins bund lightly 

appeared in my dreamt that night. I 
mscious (>[ iceling happy that be was at home, an 1 
; grieve for the one he had lost. 

■ and weeks pas-e.l ori, and 1 loiiild great pleasure in 
iety of Mr. Leon, lie accompanied my pupil- and 
our afternoon strolls, and even came to my school- 
:u see, In- said, how his little -i-d-rs progressed under 
tion. And then be would talk to me oi what be ha I 
i Europe — of H„m,., and .d' the the arti.sts there, an I 
•orks. I was delighted to listen to him. 1 wo„M -.* 
ten in ecstaey to his narrations, charmed bv the mu- 

s with joy inde-c 
' one year— had that i 

; 7;™ e r r R 

Thus | 1P wa-ote and I -at in mv s.-h.-d-room, with the 1. 
tor btlore me, thinlung — d m;.i,y things. My two pup 

" Yula, do you love another'.' Sneak. Tula, and let me 
now the truth." 
" Thi- letter," I said proudly, "is from one I love dearly 

"'Jib an k (J. id!" be exclaimed fervently. 

:e told tne how be had h.v'd me. even he -aw me— 
;er since he bad heard me sing upon the day of bis arri- 

1 happily, and then I became 

Twelve years to-day, since I pro; 
obey" him, Before the world 1 t 

days of my governess life. 
A'ovj Cotla-jc, Alabama. 

• pass on through life, knowing little or noth 
in beings with wlmrn we are brought in tem[ 

s ; and he might have added, with equal trutr 

ll to t„- feared. 

i society in general "ve were 
i word, look, and action, iv; 


,-r;.,sv":lf r k""5 f «!»• ' 





i I l H.I.1- lit,.) [i-:ilii. 1. -.k, 
.-•■■I HI.-. -!..■ i-.i- i >:,l|j- I 

1 WatC-hcd 

and I llitenc 


',.'.| : 'l' 1 '.'.'„' .".",• 


.-■: : .- . 

- -1. .I-, ,.., 

.-!-. mil. Ii t..r tin- l.c-inon,,. , 
itiYHelCind till- mil.) My I" <J.n. 

■"-. It «■,,- -„„.| i 

fnc-, nceing that her uo 

"Parson Bollinger, 
oiling earraou. very s'n 
and lie nraved hearty IV 
people ,. nJilumn.cdu 
nig. My poor ould rn 
the bleajing, but, nil 

Kr'u tf "hefen'rM l" 

iiijhty -har| . 

[ bed to shake hands wi 
1 bi'ling of the Pogsons, 

■ \, : : 

and I thought thet ( 
rise, she was well en 

ami a very -harp ,■,■!,„ ',,, As (or my 
inn. r uiil.i mother, she \ Vtl , as happy as un 
ould hen with barelegged ,-i,i,'Lo:i I — 
>.iu, Hartley s wit.- -rn 1 , IS ,,|' she kllow- 

..... — —- ■•■« [.1,,-,,-r n,. L r 

In- Lor.] given mo so much grace „ s to 
ec ttio m.cdee--ily of trying, ;U tin: eleventh 

"'You'll bo 11 brand plucked Ir-mi the 
aiming, my trio, id,' says he, el yi.u'll cume 
igilar to meeting, ami us the prayer- ,,f the 
ii;<-.-.Ln..ii )■■[■ un sinner.' 
'■ Well, thai- we all purled, mv ..old moth- 

';-When C tho di™«t 

-'r-'U'll'- t- |. •■.-- -WT 

, only saying- 

' S. ■■• ;. n. m .rh-r, y- n .1 .n't ;■;: m.- hob 

"•Niver bo afraid, honey,' says nhe, 'I 
bould, Paddy, 

Kli.t, to the 

r L h ni k?r 

altogether. 1 ' -t look . in 

— ■ ami lam all I km; and 

■• blind' my eye-, and git me 

In that, and don't lend ynur 

•r Ih.ylcsaiVing u f your own 

reached Poison's, we reaeh'd 

■' ' I jodges ef women, not by how UVv 
/■>■>/.- them-ehes, but by what they do. They 
may show themselves as fine as a peacock's 
taib spread nut to sun and wind, hotel they 

that ere room, that they'll show us into, and, 
ef we could look, we'd tine one or more in 
every room in the house, be it ivers.i leetle.' 
'■ ' I'hat ain't the fault,' -ays she, 'of Su- 
san Hellcrnan. She ain't tho~ mUre-s here 

and >he takes a'ter i - „l' the rest, Paddy. 

Oeh, Paddy! but thr. child due- love the tiow- 

''What's to prevent her, at home? Ef 

" ' Yei, indeed, Paddy; they'd say she 
meddles with what don't eonsaro her, and 
the Other gale, I know that they laugh* at 

" ■ They didn't laugh at her, did they, 

ughing. Why did ehe n 


' "eh ' Paddy don't he «n hard upon the 

" 'That'-v,!,.,: th.v-.vs. Hut stop, there's 
■s. l-ou-mtitthedinr.' ' 

■0-h! ln.wghd wa. Mm, P-.g.on to se« 
, and what a I. >t l..<r»ti >n Hhe made. ! 
,,,-lit .he'd niv.-r he ,1 .n.- ki-ing mv ..„]. 
•tb.-r. and tl.-n I «a- nlV.irM -di-'d ' Legit 

white I. gge.[ 1.,-a-t t r.:i* they drove to li 
ing in the Jursey. 

"Pugs-on. Hartley ardmv-elf sot oof i, 
pui/./.-r ,m. -kin- .or pipe-", while, the t 
»•!• a laying in the hull. The women 
it- then' and. I-t<J . h >w floor tongu»s « 
Mr.. I',n at '1 Salley M ml.-y g iiug i 
1 1 liny had ;u»r newly .o|e I th'-.r mvi; 

" Pog-on w,n .i tall, lank si.l...i v.irn 

3 us a good dinner of 

if. At dinner they 
imy and Misa Susan 
ng lady behaved her- 

;is 1 op.-neJ the gate I was alta.ked by ; 
great bull-dog, and the heii.-t wouhl have lot 

tiMSf. Hut the rumpus |,r..ught out the 

lady, and with a long pole she ran at the 

dog, and the nigger come out and tuk him 

..ffaul .'haine.l him; but I niver seed the 

-. and Sally Hartley sot her hu-band on 
ivior; so I pretty niu.h detanniiied 1. 

•MTftftaid,' says my poor ould 

>■■<-. -siie 11 he\' you ! ! m M ire they i- 
eady for it. Its only to ax ami to hev' 

loit I In-'! my misgivings, and inu.i n..i 

■ was h going un, my troubles in tlu 

•sluunti-l me wbeuev-r I waur on tin 

s and 1 nuking lean. ! .--. .,,. ' talking- 

'why man, Rafe Moore s i )C e n de, 
ried fifteen years! I seed him p 
ground »iih my own eyes.* 

you mind; je«t tell him that. Hell 
stand.' Them's the very wurd* he <a 

Umutht It 'i't^igain.Tconfess. bu""foi 
ing you and seeing that you onswe 
/a. klv to |,;s 'serii.tK.u.' 

"I was fairly 'n.a.ed 1 Says I 

long red hair growiog o 

country; and, poor fellow, I helped t 

make out of it? Here's a plain message 
from the dead ! and what bed uiy old friend, 
Kale Moore, as good a fellow as' ever lived, 

.11 these troubles of mine 7 Cmld bee 

why not to me that did? How J worried 

in the person of the stranger. lie told me 
he was a nigger-trader from Alabama. But 


" and tound me sti 11 a -courting— that is. I 
was visiting the l'og-ori family every u..w 
and then, and trying to find out all I could 
about Mis- Susan HetJernan. The ould po- 
ut of the room, and put 'em at something 
inch together. There waur a -tout young; 


aorly. -[ii irri-b.* cliap. as sasny nt a black 

nmke in May. I dido t see much (if him, 
and when 1 did, he fought shy of me, and 
I ,okcd -ulky. 

•■ Hell, there wnrn'l much in planus ma in 

Sunn ill i" displuise inc. and as my mild 

thersuid. ' V un'ti<| led t-i iiniVrv nil 

Could liud nut nothing agin MisB Susan. She 
was always neat in her dress— a lectin In.. 
find of colorB — hut oho wbb quiet, nnd 
hadn't much to nay. I t<dd yuu alio was the 

quite puny. When 1 talked with her .lie 

a y ml g woman to he bashful : and not talk 

i-i-sy. Kf she has little to Buy, ahe rays it 
jest studyiii' her day by day. I thought bet 

umrr.v!" DeVons of .imcTl t-ememb, 

n,,.| talk. .._• with Mi- Si..., 

1,1 llll. I UM.-.1 m>-.dl el I c-uld be Content 

to marry Miss ,<u,:,ii, Hjt then agin. 1 

J'.ung tiling, going .loan to the can. when 
- . „.,. ..,, \ je.i .eveuiceu Ach! alien 1 
happened l„ tin nk "f her. 1 wished Mi-s So 
Ban at homo, and iny-cll Tar away down in 

„,„, Tnar hc'.l ,,t. to, rill 

And I'uddy idiowe j us the revnrso mnvc 
awhile. Ben kept a twirling his thumbs tun 

.:..> ...'think that %.,., -l.-UlJ :,! et 1 I 

o be sure I will: and ef ,,.„, 
c that Yar, ago. Id ha' said the 

play the gome of Ben How 

you've got „hnl yn, 

time a'ter that tlin wedding »,,- ..pp-imcf 
The women waurull l.u-y f..r a month— my 
nether. Mrs. .Sum Il.n.ley 1 .\| rs , ]•..„. 

and they waur all lull .,! big preparation's. 

hep a great supper and a dancing p.a'rty. 1 

'■.• w.o/t low much The 
y lee,!., bacon, and. w .1 y„„ 

" Say- l-r»i 
',,.i".o,e .!'u, .',',.1' 

, lew friend. , I '..hmel J.ui Mei 

somciliing kiv.rel ..„ wiTh canvas, and -! ; ip|.e.l. and I lod In g:t a earl H-n, 

Ii .-... r'. .1 ' Says he: 

to onr-eltes. the mild lady b g gone, by 

day p-ep. tn help tl,e l',,j I., up. 

■At dark 1 took t'.-l. .Inn and his key 

In Hie boggy, and we dnv oil |'„r 1',." ',, 

ely at Inst, and found n 

prayer ngiu tho . 

to id up: and t 

out of his packet. I 

older- „f Mm. 

> Jim could git hold 

her turn. us to see neryli.'iy laughing tit t, 

i set, being bu-y all 

h his tcctl, sot upon an edge ! Says J.I 
'•■- I- ..'•'■ a night, "sne'd'en'iu.-'up" 

\..ii ..... Sam Hartley ha. I ux'd Jim t 

- e ai.enicn; in the morning, 1 seed the 



I{.niil..-ru'. mil he •■Ht red I 
LlWTy'a, und find a Led 

ing, Paddy ?" I osl 

I I. ..I 

■ gr.H.Iyi 

mkey. She 

:■. .. : J,'.: 

before. Says hu- 

nt cends. That, I lieli 
ondu, dint I hev'g-"" 
• Oh ! no, I>.i.ldj, 

1 off*.. ca>ily. There i- surely 
)ouci..l.,u.te too abruptly. We 

■ ' "i ''>' '.iv. speaking 

at t ... nn.l 
There ,,:„. 

. i., ..-..I.', i 

■l-ii» i. Shi 

■■ S:„„ llnrtl-v'brii 

il her out. ood locked I 

!-Vi l .''''!! , ,V'!e"i' , - v vi , :,'^' 1 

wlieo y..u gits ihe couple 

rail .|.,i.w. i.. 

'addj ! Wh„i Pad- 

...v v.., ~* ~..*J,ati-J, drinking all r..und, 

we fureburc all further calls upon our Kails- 
contenting ours. Ives wrh warmly 

.., r „ftt 

take mj far' well of you this very night, h 

...a. and cutir'.dv' 
lirtotly, whatever 

possessed, or the 
ved. we were nil 

passions, and li.,ri.i inlellect. When he left 
us, which l.e did after a benrly all 

chamber, and was an hour absent. When he 
ltd— but we 11111*1 reserve something i...r 


■ir„... „,.| ";,',', "!!.:■":„" , i,'fe"2t""the r "°o" 

drink., hot i,..t t., H„. .;„„. degree' Ho 

i good skin, and Tree, 
°»«.jPM»ioi! off through 

nnginnry troubles, was 
produced the supposed 

irg grenlly th 

suppose sn. padd vw 
WhsrnolinVs, hun'tin 
throughout the day, 
nightly, from supper i 

to Ihe narrtinr ,,s 1 did myself, lie w, 
personally known t„ Ubariiclitle and Jam, 
Son, as I ha\e -Is, wn. an I i i . . ■ r i. 

u-i.. lately i..iiia:,..r„-ai.,„l.r..'.fil„. Kr.ule 
Tnc-'e \..-jug iiien. I.y the way, have a! 

,..! psjchol siei.l. to wlioh 
'uddy naturally gave rise. 

I luar h.r.l. .roe. a- nineli : 

.1 Paddy - 

After Paddv had 

my report, a< t eu y as possi 

peat my h-liel. that l.e lome-ily thinks tin 

his mind I need siy nothing. I thin 
e has said and shown enough to satisf 
lend, Stylus, that our simple forci 

""."'■ "' " '' k ° i, 11 " «°, .• "'™8 

7' "In V ' and on,,"',,', J, „ ' "' ' ". ' * 

'I sn Is-, up .a the great city. Itut I will 

nit event was encouraged by"n 

•in d..n't altogether please n,e. 

n 'self" 8 

r..'i the tenor <■ 

(■«i ."and even an g the higher ela-.-e-. 

though Ins speech and cnilucl are u-ually 
de-t enough, his hearing is elevate. I, and 
imes. very noble and graceful. Certa.nlv, 
earring- nod de|...rtoi-nt might nil'.. id -.he 


' d '''J ; Slnthr"' 




done by those bravo soldier, who have .0 gallant 

Torrnvco Sonnow.-It 1. . terrible thing when | Gilliam's Tactics ! Gilham's Tactics ! 

"A Southern (llrl."_Bec.u.o wo happen to have 
the Inst «r Hi. Generals. \V« publi.b them with- 

^HEH3of :r 


w >I1J ""^;';_, .;>,„..,. ,:„„.„. 


The living statuary nt Metropolitan Hall pro 

'.';•:;:;., „..,,. h 

ol our paper, Ooo. J""pb B. J.,l.r., t .,n wn- h..,n. j !"■ >' - i '" - ■ .1. " l-nu'iio; . seeelingly." A,,,,.:, 

b»"«" or'ot'yontl., a'»d' y a,n»!n g tor™'!'" by tb. 

:: '";-,."" ■"". 810 

'.;'■"" ,.','|',',',' r '.'|'..'. v', '''""' "'"■ V "" ' "' ■ • '.' • r • , I,,. M .j'il,i (-..','„ „f Am.'.- '. 


... ■ ■ , . ,. . : 


' ::: H ; ! : ; : E'E , Si' ; SSH 

:; l ;;:.;::;; , :i;;"; , !:,r;:;: f tdt^in^i 

,'trib^! I ;A'luod:'lr„"^Z.'».°»d.yI 


some rare, line por.on. great agility, and with on 

"Spring"— "Linos" by S — " Oovoromeot or 


hi v hMATl A liRii. 

"Tbo°"w" Co'Ju.11o'^-"Hopm : of the 


J™^~ R . A 


"life nod mottle in hor heols." Very varied, very 



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;'i'i'i7:T.Jsm'i 1 : 


pure and anperb. 

tor" ™pt,'.'^"'l\'ir|l!lVe.°°ri. g ?b'e° i mTt°."i 

'f XH-r^'rtF, 1 f T 1'm. im'a^'bTt m"" 

Two .tars ore glittering in tlio Dramatic Orinn- 

formed Tuesday night, at the Savaonah theatre 

fur the first time. The "Republican" snya it waj 

n-kuowledgcd favorite, nt the " Vnriotie. ;" the 

olber in tbo por.on or Mr. Tnno. HiUIHOS, nt 


" W. once more to tb. Dram, turn." 

A Mend who h.a jn.t arrived from Yanka.doo, 

tl : 'i ;"':', ,:| ,.- l , , . : ;':",-,;' ;:;■: .,: ; "l 

Mia. Wna* ha. greatly improved ainoe wo laat 0. with tbe following: 

Flukncv of Sirkcb.— Denn Swift .ay. tbo 

""itid..!.- s A ■ ' >!,IhI " l ""'■ " '•"■"" °"° ih " , "" ,j ,v - 



."card"! of woVdV for i.'h.Tver "'. a'L.Tl.r Z \m- 

p U .r,U",,?™LTorT«o'lL* k el!.,a!l'. e ,,^",°ng' 


'>■ -* 1 " '» 1 .'"In. Chart.. Sumn.r and 

i""" "' Moiit..*, a.,J Miaaoa Heib.n Mjvxk 

"""' Hlo, J i",',|bo>r..idonl' 

whereas, common epeoker. have only one act or 

;:',, ;■;.",';.'..',.■,' ;,,, r ,-,■:;'. ■ ■.'../.■;;■.' i',?,,, :. 

Bnt let n. peep in at the Olnrnei House- 

.ruling lui,'.'|. |o U^X""™ ^neTt™" "ik ■ T" 

com. Taster not or church when it is almost empty 


in this city, doing tbo leading business, supported 

Tn". are member. o f C.ngre.. .opposed to 

™"tlVli7l ! ll"T°lll b ZVTlL^J, 

All the Talent of Richmond. 

of goodness know, bow many broken down thoat- 

" 'T. '"■ill President nnd hi. Cabinet. 

tbo shade ..i ,o„'..r„..e. oiol | ..or. i.lloo'd of know- 

»i-L.»ki.t iho array of tnlontl 

U,,"']i"' b ' >-'"" M *>'™° ""an by "free- 

hoar'twi l b,..,l,il.,l,,y. and hi. mind wltb tl ghl, 


^TL\b7..dXJ,>.u"be,i,,,es,p i t., 

t te;^ie!3^r rd "" b " ,jr 

^jx: s zr iaa " ? "" b7 ^'"" oil ° 

mVs'vi.ak.I' i:.'.'i;:iiu. 

V; "■ " -" : I".-:-..".." I..' .-"■".!'■...,'.■. 

stnita fortb, say. aotnotbing rnnny, in bis own ori' 
ginal and peenliar voioo, bow. and .ernpos, nnd 

,.,. U l,„t , s tbo Oosmo.s ,,f eWrotury ,.f iho 




^^lz^t^i 1 ::!:^'^ 

A. To destroy Slate Bank., and 611 tbe poekel. 


if the 1- pla nit . irred 

Present War for Independence ! 

I.EE MALLORV. . ~T . Acting Man W , 

i.k:: i.:\m .-■ it>.^: 

l IIAN'iK "F PK-oillAMME. 

',',: :' V'w^.'mon'tb !!,','.? I," Ml,'. " Ib'."'^^^ 

''T^Vi';":rT^tZ'Vi:::zl„ ■■ ■■ : -- ■ ■■'•-■•'- ■* ••••»»«"•<■ 

Will bo preaented I^eo Mallory'a Magnificent Work 



°"i" ir T'",li-fr..e any General who doe. not b.,. 

>' "ill '.'. '".',"'■■' ',"„".'l'tJlo *"'"•' v"'" I' 1 '"■ ' ' lH "ll' 1 " "'"■ ' 



*„Mrm. [he rnPVKI'.HT FMTION ff my IN. 

'.' » 'he Sln'es any rights ? .','!'..",'■■ '."''■.' ].'". " '", ' 7"" 

t'-'J.'/.M 7 ---wi. >'w '■'' i'.'.V- A ' .1:1'., Litm';, 

will demand tbat wo have a theatre where tbo le- 

though It"'" miUiTnr'ln't'.t.,"." ' ""l ' ""'" "' 

A. N.',,',,..',". !,pl l ,!l„.'l"lhe']'re.,d..l,- glvOI. 1 "' l '° 0k " """ '" "~"' °"« "'" >» •" , " J '•'<■ '»» 

Z.'er d «3".n^7„^g^"■nf V |eZi„ , °^n^ar. h " 

A. It is tl,o power of tbo President to imprison 

ti,rorcoTz.ioTr^mv^rji!"he"'n < ''° , 'i''' i 'r 

Port Morgan. J^KSv?''*'"" ? ""^>; 




t Si™" 


t: : ; A'l : ;?££S 5 r ' h: '^ 

££7Z, a ~7» it ktw ",;: : s zz 


,.. .the liberty pole i.i 'surrounded by "r.onngc, 

ho nothor. bnt he eannot long reman, concealed. 


Addreaa order, to ^^ ^ f 

" F irc f e^t"l S . i ,'.'. f rt""; '*""""' 


^'"; ■'■£:;.;■ -/-^ 

H AG! " R AG8 „ 

**£?!"£ i:T"i?d°- "■""'■ 

Jfy-r moth., „„c. go,, yon home, sh.wonld 

"Sr-«™--«:^vll' ; " 

comes over our "seven hills," the Work will be 

ST-st "•' 1IC0ETZ> "MoJ,ie,'k